Emily Berry Bosak

Past Secretary & Founding Board Member

After nearly 10 years of symptoms and 6 different doctors, Emily finally had surgery in January 2016. Instead of being treated for endometriosis, she was diagnosed with adenomyosis...

Dr. Tatnai L. Burnett

ObGyn & Excision Specialist - The Mayo Clinic

Conditions treated
Pelvic pain
Uterine fibroid
Procedures performed
Gynecological surgery

Excisional treatment of endometriosis

Alyssa Triviski


Alyssa started her journey for answers at 16 years old, battling consistently rupturing ovarian cysts and pain that would put her in the hospital multiple times per year. While dea...

Emily Johnson

Board Member - Marketing Chair

Emily was diagnosed with endometriosis in December, 2018 after living in severe pain for years. She credits The Minnesota Endo Warriors in playing an instrumental role in her diagn...

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