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Dr. Eric Heegaard

ObGyn & Excision Specialist - Department Of Obstetrics And Gynecology At Hennepin Healthcare, Minneapolis

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I am an OB-GYN in the Minneapolis area. I have been in practice now for 20 years. I grew up not far culturally from the mythological Lake Woebegon in a hamlet named Alexandria, Minnesota where my father was a general practitioner. It is because of his love for medicine and especially obstetrics that guided me into this profession and finally into the specialty of OB-GYN.My approach to treatment and management of endometriosis and chronic pain is collaborative. From a surgical standpoint, my goal is excision. I have created a team which involves a  pelvic floor physical therapists, colorectal surgeons, and urologists who have interest in endometriosis. My goal is to have everything set ahead of time, prior to surgery, with the necessary team present or available so that, hopefully, all reasonable eventualities can be addressed at the time of surgery. I do not manage any gynecologic problems and especially endometriosis/pelvic pain from a top-down angle. I feel like the best results come from working collaboratively with the patient and, together, coming up with an agreed upon treatment plan. My experience has been that this approach allows the patient to feel like they are a participant in their care and not just the recipient. From my perspective, I also find this extremely satisfying.



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