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Endo What?

Endometriosis is a chronic disease that affects the lives of over 176 million people around the world. One in every ten people with menstrual periods are affected by this disease, where tissue similar to the inner lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus, forming adhesions with other organs, and causing inflammation, bleeding, scarring, and severe pain. In addition, people who are diagnosed with endometriosis may have painful bladder syndrome, digestive or gastrointestinal symptoms similar to a bowel disorder, as well as fatigue, pelvic pain, painful intercourse and infertility. The cause of endometriosis is still unknown although people have been suffering for centuries. On average it takes 9 years for someone to receive a diagnosis of endometriosis and proper diagnosis requires laparoscopic surgery, which is a significant barrier to care. The Minnesota Endo March is an opportunity to show these warriors that Minnesota cares.

4th Annual Minnesota Endo March

Saturday, March 28th

The Minnesota Endo March is the local Minnesota extension of the Worldwide Endometriosis March hosted and produced by the Minnesota Endo Warriors. March is internationally recognized as endometriosis awareness month and last Saturday of March groups around the world gather to raise awareness and advocate for those impacted by endometriosis. 

Inspired by their outcry and desire to bring attention to endometriosis, three local women started the Minnesota Endo Warriors as a nonprofit organization to host the march and help build community and outreach in Minnesota. In its first year the Minnesota Endo March welcomed just under 50 women, men and children. Each year the march has grown and last year over 400 people attended. The Minnesota Endo Warriors are eager to produce another successful event this year with the addition of a brunch supported by local sponsors. 

Event Timeline

The Brunch – Minnesota Historical Center

10:30 am | Check-in Open
11:00-12:00 pm | Brunch is Served and Expert Q & A Begins
12:30 pm | Brunch ends & all guests move onto the march

The March – MN State Capitol | Lower Rotunda

12:30 pm | Registration Open
11:45-12:00 pm | Prepare to March
12:30-2:00 pm | Sponsor Meet & Greet | Photo Booth | Merchandise Sales
2:00 pm | March up Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd to the Capitol Steps
Proclamation Reading | Special Guest Speaker | Top Fundraiser & Sponsor Awards | Group Photo

Event Description

In an effort to increase recognition and awareness the Minnesota Endo Warriors has moved the annual March from Minneapolis to the state capitol in St. Paul, MN. To accommodate the growing number of attendees and continue to provide an expert Q & A panel the event has been split into two parts, a ticketed brunch and outdoor March gathering.

The Brunch – Minnesota Historical Center

The brunch will accommodate a limited number of paid guests for a plated meal at the Minnesota Historical Center during the endometriosis expert Q & A session. The session will be recorded and shared as an episode of The Endocast, an endometriosis podcast co hosted by MN Endo Warriors President Britt Thelemann Pangerl and endometriosis expert Dr. Eric Heegaard. Two tiers tickets for the D’Amico catered brunch will be available with VIP tickets including a swag bag and preferred seating. After the brunch concludes all attendees have the opportunity to walk or drive down to the lower rotunda at the capital to participate in the March. 

The March – MN State Capitol | Lower Rotunda

Marchers will enjoy the photo booth, mingling with other Endo Warriors, specialists, and have an opportunity to meet with each of the sponsors at their table displays from 12:30-2 PM. The event will culminate on the capitol steps with the proclamation reading, announcement of top fundraiser, sponsor of the year and a group photo. The event will be entirely outside for the first time so preparations are being made to accommodate guests with tenting, heaters and restroom facilities onsite, however all guests are encouraged to dress for the weather.

The suggested donation for attending the March is $10.00. Commemorative shirts will be pre-sold online, for pick up at the March during registration. Additional merchandise will be available before the March for purchase. We anticipate between 500-750 attendees. Sponsorships for the March and brunch are available and in-kind donations are accepted, but must be arranged with the MN Endo Warriors board in advance. Please reach out via our contact page for more information on sponsorship opportunities.

Thank You 2019 Sponsors

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