Do you know anyone with a penchant for creativity and design? Are you possibly one of those people? Well listen up because the MN Endo Warriors are looking for submissions for the super spectacular 2019 Minnesota Endo March t-shirt design!
The guidelines are simple – we are looking for a 2 color design, using Lobster Two font, to go on the front of our navy colored 2019 endo march t-shirts. Just make sure your submissions are in by the Tuesday January 8th, 2019 deadline for consideration!

Now you may be wondering…

“What’s in it for me besides the fame and glory?”

Well my friend, not only will you receive a free t-shirt featuring your design with your name/business recognition on the back along with our sponsors; you’ll get $50 cold, hard cash… and maybe more than a little undying love and gratitude from the Minnesota Endometriosis community!!

If this sounds right up your alley or you know someone perfect for the job, please send submissions to: with the subject line “CONTEST – 2019 Endo March T-Shirt Design” ON OR BEFORE Tuesday January 8th, 2019. We will be announcing the winner at our surgical care packing party at Darby’s on Saturday January 12th, 2019!
Need some inspiration? Here’s last year’s design! Think you can top it? Let us know by sending those submissions in!

Countdown to the 2020 Minnesota Endo March








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