The Minnesota Endo Warriors are thrilled to announce the addition of four new members to the board of directors. Each of these outstanding women are committed to raising awareness, advocating for endometriosis patients and providing support to the greater Minnesota community. Each position on the MN Endo Warriors board is a volunteer commitment and no members are paid by the organization. If you’re interested in learning more about these women check out their bios below or on the about us page. As always the Minnesota Endo Warriors encourage anyone looking to volunteer, share their story or seeking assistance to reach out via our website and social media channels.

Breanna received her diagnosis of Stage III endometriosis after her first surgery in high school, which was followed by course after course of harsh hormone therapies. After realizing how dismissive many doctors were to women’s reports of pain, her passion for women’s health advocacy was sparked. Bre worked as an actor in NYC for some years after college but has just moved back to the Twin Cities to pursue medicine – she hopes to reach all women with the message that severe pain is NOT normal and hopes with increased awareness new treatments can be developed that are less devastating and invasive.

Katie is a seasoned endo warrior who has been in recovery from endometriosis and adenomyosis for almost three years. After years of pain and infertility, Katie was finally diagnosed with Stage IV endometriosis in March of 2012. After two unsuccessful ablation surgeries, she found an excision endometriosis specialist who could better treat her illness and also diagnosed her with adenomyosis. She had two successful excision surgeries with the specialist, the last of which included a hysterectomy to treat her aggressive and painful adenomyosis. Since that last surgery in October of 2014, Katie has been mostly symptom free and has worked hard to reclaim her health and to guide others in their journey with endometriosis to find proper treatment and support.

Crystal was diagnosed with Endometriosis in 2011 after 19 years of symptoms.  She has has had 7 surgeries since to relieve pain caused by Fibroids, Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. This journey has formed a passion in Crystal to educate women about this disease and their options.  She has a strong desire to see others empowered to make educated decisions that are best for their bodies and to live as healthy and as pain free as possible!

Meagan joined the MN Endo Warriors in April 2018 after participating in the 2nd annual Worldwide Endo March in Minnesota which left her inspired and yearning to contribute. She had a laparoscopic surgery in June 2017 which led to an official diagnosis of endometriosis and suspected adenomyosis; this led her into the internet rabbit hole looking for more information about her diagnosis which she found shockingly and disappointingly scarce. Meagan joins the endo warriors with an exercise science degree and is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in nutrition after she discovered her passion for the importance of physical fitness, mental health, and proper nutrition in managing overall health.

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