Hello, I’m Donna! I’ve had terrible knock me to the ground cramps every month and irregular periods since I was about 16 years old. I got tired of being told it happens to all girls, it’s just gas, or maybe I just had a low pain tolerance. It took almost 20 years and a doctor that actually listened to me to get my diagnosis of endometriosis.  I didn’t like the “standard” options of a hysterectomy or monthly hormone injections so I started researching and learning about the disease myself. I’ve been blogging online about cooking, travel, entertainment and endometriosis. I’m honored to be the Wednesday Warrior for the Minnesota Endo Warriors this week and encourage anyone suffering to get the help they deserve.

*Donna is a patient of Endometriosis specialist Dr. Matthew Palmer of Oakdale ObGyn in Minnesota. Oakdale ObGyn is a proud sponsor of the Minnesota Endo Warriors.

Read all about Donna’s story on her blog.

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