Most people know March as “Women’s History Month,” as described by Women’s History Month government website;

Between 1988 and 1994, Congress passed additional resolutions requesting and authorizing the President to proclaim March of each year as Women’s History Month. Since 1995, Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama have issued a series of annual proclamations designating the month of March as “Women’s History Month.

Growing up Women’s History Month was dedicated to learning about Betsy Ross sewing our nation’s first flag, suffragettes protesting for the right to vote, and Rosa Park refusing to give up her seat on the bus in Montgomery, Alabama. There are many more significant woman throughout our nation’s history and the work women are doing today works to extend our rights, create equality between the sexes and advocate for better treatment in the workplace.

It seems fitting that March is also national endometriosis awareness month as 176 million women worldwide are living with endometriosis. In fact, 1 in every 10 women has endometriosis, so it’s probably a disease you’ve heard of, however it takes an average of 10 years for a patient to be properly diagnosed. We, the Minnesota Endo Warriors, will be advocating for all those living with the chronic disease all month long. It is our hope that one-day endometriosis will be a part of women’s history, not future.

Join us and several organizations across the globe hosting galas, conferences, book launches and marches this month! What can you do today? Apply either the “I am an Endo Warrior” or “Endometriosis Awareness” banner to your social media profile pictures for the month of March! You can download both options below or navigate to our facebook page to apply it right within facebook!

We’ll be using social media to help educate the public about endometriosis.

Monday – Myth-Busting Monday
Tuesday – Diagnosis
Wednesday – Warrior Wednesday
Thursday – Living Well with Endo
Friday – Famous Warriors
Saturday – Stat Saturday
Sunday – Endo 101

Show your support on Facebook & add our Endometriosis Awareness Month Frame Now!

Noteworthy Dates & Events

March 6

Ask Me About My Uterus
by Abby Norman
Book Launch

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March 10

Endo March Sign Making & Wear Yellow to End Endo Day!

On March 10 supporters will wear yellow to represent the 1 in 10 women living with endometriosis. Share your photos on social media with the hashtags #MNEndoWarriors & #Yellow2EndEndo

Sign Making Location: TBD

March 19

9th Annual Blossom Ball

New York, NY

March 24

Worldwide Endo March & Minnesota Endo March

Get all the details on our MN Endo March page! We can’t wait to march with you to #EndEndo

**certain links above are affiliate links where the MN Endo Warriors will receive a donation if you purchase through our referral link

Countdown to the 2018 Minnesota Endo March








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