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Minnesota Endo Warriors

The Minnesota Endo Warriors is a 501c3 nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated raising awareness about endometriosis, advocating for patients and providing a community of hope and support to those living with the chronic disease and their loved ones. The warriors welcome you and hope to meet you at one of our events soon.

Who We Are

Learn more about the MN Endo Warriors and meet our board of directors.

Endo What?

What is endometriosis? What does endo feel like? Where can I get help for Endometriosis here in Minnesota?


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Looking for greater Endo Support?

Looking for greater Endo Support?

Are you interested in connecting with other Endo Warriors in Minnesota? Would you like to attend meetings where you can share your individual struggles in a safe place? Do you need education and support from others who are on this journey? Do you wish to share your...

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Did you see the video from Endo What?

Today the incredible team from Endo What? made the incredible announcement below and shared the following Facebook. "We’re honored to work with Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Orrin Hatch on a groundbreaking, bi-partisan initiative to create widespread awareness...

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Countdown to the 2019 Minnesota Endo March








Thank you for joining us for the 2018 Endo March

We had a record-breaking over 100 marchers join us for the 2nd Annual Minnesota Endo March on Saturday, March 24, 2018. Check out our blog post with a sneak peek of photos from this year’s march. We look forward to sharing more with you.